Treasures revealed as Ham House features in the return of Antiques Roadshow

  Posted: 10.09.21 at 13:52 by Rory Poulter

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Ham House features in the first of a new series of the Antiques Roadshow on Sunday and reveals an exquisite mix of treasures with extraordinary valuations.

For example, could an exquisitely decorated 18th century Chinese robe that was once kept in a dressing up box have come from the court of an emperor?

The team are excited to see a portrait by Indian born artist F.N. Souza and a collection of silver from the Gulf state of Oman.

While glass specialist, Andy McConnell, cannot believe that two goblets engraved with images of the Crystal Palace were picked up for just a few pounds.

Expert and valuer, Siobhan Tyrrell, admires a dressing gown made from a blanket by a German Prisoner of War.

And the team also examine a sobering photo album that documents the moment British atomic bombs were tested in 1956, which was compiled by a British soldier who was an eyewitness to the event.

The show started filming on June 25. Credit: Nub News.

Ceramics specialist, Serhat Ahmet, challenges the presenter Fiona Bruce to ‘spot the fake’ amongst a group of items made by the Sevres porcelain factory.

The show originally started filming at the historic property on the banks of the Thames on June 24. The pandemic meant the production was entirely socially distanced and the number of people allowed in to visit as the long-running series was filmed was restricted.

The selection process for contributors was similarly abnormal as they were required to apply in advance, giving details of their items, before being chosen to take part in the much-loved programme.

This meant that the format will be slightly different when the programme does finally air this Sunday, with no crowds surrounding the items leaning in to hear valuations.

Ham House itself is owned and operated by the National Trust having been donated by Sir Lyonel Tollemache in 1948, finally opening up as an accredited museum in 2015.

Presenter Fiona Bruce – Credit BBC

This is not the first time in recent memory that Ham House has been featured in film and TV. It served as a location for Downton Abbey in 2019 and Taskmaster in 2020.

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