Richmond: ‘Really high’ Covid infections warns Council chief

  Posted: 10.01.22 at 09:20 by Rory Poulter

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Richmond Borough saw 2,812 new cases of Covid-19 in the past week and there are fears the figure will rise as children go back to school.

Council leader, Gareth Roberts, has asked residents to remain vigilant and stick to virus safeguards.

In a regular video message on the pandemic, he said: “2,812 cases in a single week is really, really high for a borough of this size. And therefore we need to get on top of the numbers.

“We need to stem this coronavirus, particularly given it is quite likely that we will see a rise in cases as schools return in full next week.

“Vaccination is the best bet and you can find out how you can receive your vaccination or a booster if you visit the NHS website for the full details.

“Because numbers are still very high we need to do everything we can to keep on top of the virus – so washing hands, maintaining a social distance of at least 2m when out and about.

Council leader, Gareth Roberts, has asked residents to remain vigilant and stick to virus safeguards.

“Wearing a face mask or covering is now required in most indoor settings and mandatory on all public transport unless you are medically exempt.

“And, if you are meeting people indoors, please do ensure the windows are open and there is a good supply of fresh air circulating in the room.”

The current borough infection rate of 1,419 per 100,000 is below recent peaks – and below the current UK average of 1,791. However, it is not clear whether this means Covid is in decline or a reflection of a shortage of tests or people deciding not to take a test.

Vaccination clinics can be found here.

Testing guidance can be found here.

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