Petition calls for laws to protect seals following Freddie's death

  Posted: 04.05.21 at 10:51 by Ian Francis

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A petition has been launched calling for laws to protect seals following the death of Freddie the seal.

Seal Watch is asking people to sign the petition which says it wants “laws that specifically protect seals against dog attacks as well as disturbance from both humans and their pets, making it unlawful to touch, feed, chase or worry a seal in England and Wales."

It claims seal sightings are increasing across the country, which has led to more frequent and sometimes deadly interactions between the public and their pets.

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The group said: “It is important to urgently assess the need for further legislative protection for seals to encourage the peaceful coexistence between the general public and wildlife.”

The petition comes after Seal Watch revealed plans to put up signs at spots where seals are likely to be seen.

Freddie the Seal was attacked by a dog earlier in the year (picture Sue Lindenberg)

The signs would act as a warning to dog owners to make sure their dogs are on leads and would also give information about marine life in the Thames and explain how to act around it.

It is hoped the signs will be placed along the Thames, in areas such as Richmond, Hammersmith and Chiswick.

Seal Watch came about following Freddie’s death after he was mauled by a dog in Hammersmith.

The petition can be found here.

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