Cyclist crashes into wooden stake after car overtakes in Richmond Park

  Posted: 10.10.20 at 18:44 by Sam Petherick

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A cyclist suffered a suspected broken collar bone after coming off their bicycle in a traffic incident in Richmond Park.

Royal Parks Police said a group of four cyclists braked sharply because a car was overtaking in the opposite direction.

The force said on Twitter: "Cyclist at the back of the 4 did not brake in time and clipped the cyclist in front, then hit a 'Thompson tooth' (what we call those wooden stakes) & came off.

"Suspected broken collar bone. Thankfully only 1 injured person & not more."

"Report will be completed and sent to our traffic dept to make a decision," the parks police added.

The collision happened earlier this afternoon (Saturday, October 10).

Photo posted by Royal Parks Police

In its first tweet at 3.13pm accompanied by this photo of an ambulance and second emergency service crew, the force said: "Officers from #Richmondpark have been dealing with a road traffic collision.

"Group of cyclists have braked hard due to car overtaking in opposite direction, causing cyclist to collide & hit road furniture.

"Please only overtake if safe."

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