Mastering Business and Reunited

cornerHOUSE Theatre, 116 Douglas Road, Surbiton KT6 7SB
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Darkly comic dramas, Mastering Business by Dermot Murphy and Reunited by Susannah Finzi, open live theatre at cornerHOUSE, Surbiton.

Tickets £10:

Mastering Business Bob and Al go back a long way. It’s not been easy; just see how they were then, a while ago, and are now. Who owes what to who? How’s this going to play out? There’s always a lot to learn, a lot at stake.

Reunited Two men at the college club reunion. Mid-life, with time, money and mortality on their minds, they have plenty to defend. Which of us hasn’t, on meeting friends from the past, painted the picture a little rosier than it really is? The pub manager has her own battles to fight. A case of “seize the day”?

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