RICHMOND: Dangerous cycle lane

  Posted: 11.10.21 at 15:18 by James Mayer

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A video that shows a narrow cycle lane right next to parked cars on a busy road has sparked outrage among Richmond residents.

A video was posted on Twitter by cycling campaign group, The Department of Parks & Recreation, questioning why a cycle lane in Richmond would be painted “where a cyclist should never cycle”.

The lane can be found on Sheen Road which is at the edge of Richmond Park and sits between North Sheen and Richmond town.

The video has been viewed by over 15,500 people and has gained a lot of reaction with over 620 likes and 66 retweets.

The Department of Parks & Recreation said: “Why would you paint a cycle lane precisely where a cyclist should never cycle?”

Resident PW Stone said on Twitter: “I literally got hit by a car door opening here, I’m never using this cycle again.”

On Twitter, user T Shaw said: “Whoever designed this lane has obviously never ridden a bike on an urban road.”

Mike Barrett added on Twitter: “That’s shocking! Just think this was someone’s job to design it and then someone else would’ve approved and then someone else would’ve got the budget and then someone else paint it!”

A spokesperson for Richmond Council said: "Richmond Council is committed to improving cycling in the borough. Cycling should be convenient, accessible and safe.

"Space on our streets is however limited and we need both motorists and cyclists to recognise this.

"unfortunately there is not always space to ensure cycleways do not run along parking spaces."

They added: "Drivers must ensure they are always on the lookout for cyclists, especially before opening doors when parked next to a cycle lane.

"Equally, cyclists should always be aware of parked cars and watch out for drivers opening their doors."

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