Attenborough on his favourite tree in 'wonderful' Richmond Park

  Posted: 18.10.20 at 06:00 by Sam Petherick

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Richmond resident Sir David Attenborough has spoken about his love of Richmond Park.

He said stag beetles fly into his garden after nesting in ancient oak trees.

The legendary broadcaster was answering questions from celebrities in a video to promote his new Netflix programme, David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet.

Sex Education actor Kedar Williams-Sterling said: “We feel a disconnect from nature is one of the reasons the planet is the way that it is today.

“So we would like to know how you think people can reconnect on a budget.”

Attenborough answered: “It is amazing how much the natural world can come into our cities. Most of our cities, thank goodness, have parks of one kind or another.

The park snapped by Ali Kiresci of Unsplash

“Many parts of the country are wild parts that have been put aside as little corners in which nature can flourish.

“You would be astonished at how much you can see there, how many different kinds of butterflies, how many different kinds of birds.”

Kedar’s co-star Asa Butterfield followed up by asking: “And what is your favourite tree?”

Attenborough said: “I’m very lucky, I live in West London quite close to a wonderful park – Richmond Park – which is many centuries old.

“It was Henry the VIII's hunting park and there are still deer there. There are also a lot of ancient trees.

“There are a lot of ancient oaks. And when they get old, they get hollow and they become a centre of a whole group of different creatures – wonderful stag beetles which fly into my garden.

"But this particular tree is certainly 700-800 years old, maybe a thousand. So, it’s a marvellous tree and I look it at every morning when I go through.

“It’s a great character that tree.”

Watch the full Q&A with Sir David at the top of this story.

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