Laidlaw Education

Laidlaw Education is now in its 29th year and we have grown to be a leading education consultancy in London, providing tuition and teaching to hundreds of children each week. We are distinctive in a number of ways - we have a dedicated team of teachers, all qualified and experienced who work in our classrooms and online, both during the school day and after school and Saturdays; we are not an agency and so are able to work together to support the children and young people that we teach. The children come to see us for anything from 45 minutes a week after school up to full-time and part-time as part of their home education.

We are also a registered centre of excellence for teaching children with Dyslexia and many attend one or two mornings each week while we collaborate with their school. We pride ourselves in supporting and advising parents; providing outreach options to support schools with children with specific needs and giving back to the community by offering free evening talks to parents (with a glass of wine!) on helping your children through various aspects of their educational journey, particularly entrance exams into senior schools.

With a team of over 30 wonderful teachers, Laidlaw Education is a close-knit community which is now spreading even further out of London, through the UK and even internationally, with our recently launched Laidlaw Virtual Academy!

Please feel free to get in touch and check us out!

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