Bipolar Self-Managment Support

Hi there

I'm a Kingston resident offering people with Bipolar some self-help support.

I want to help you to make permanent long term changes and create strong coping mechanisms so that you will have far fewer symptoms in the long run. After time and practice you should experience much less severe lows and highs and they should last far shorter than before.

Some of the methods I use are:
- Mindfulness to learn to be in the present and quickly recognise mood changes
- Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to recognise and change unhelpful thinking patterns
- Physical Exercise to help with depression, stress and building a strong body for the future
- Neuroplasticity to build new brain connections and better habits
- Assistance understanding your triggers and behaviours
- Acceptance to help you come to terms with your moods so you can move on with life positively
and more too.

I don't presently charge for self-management support but you must be:
- Open minded to new methods of tackling your bipolar
- Willing to make thinking and lifestyle changes
- Able to realise that it takes effort and time to make maximum improvements
- Willing to keep on learning and reading about self-improvement methods

About me:
I experience Bipolar myself and have used the methods above for the last 6 years to make huge changes in my condition. I want to show you how to do the same.
I'm a Mental Health Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner and soon-to-be Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Practitioner.

At present I work online by Zoom video to keep social distancing. Depending on how many people respond I will either offer personal or group sessions.

If you, or someone else you know, are interested please message me and we can set up a time to have a chat.

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