Where to find e-scooters in Richmond

  Posted: 07.06.21 at 17:04 by Jessica Broadbent

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Today marked the start of Richmond's 12-month trial of e-scooters on roads and cycle lanes as part of the wider London scheme.

The trial is part of TFL's effort to reduce air pollution and congestion by encouraging people to use their cars less, particularly for short journeys.

As Nub News reported this morning, the scheme is being trialled in six London boroughs including Richmond, with a seventh 'ride-through' borough.

Read more about the trial here.

So where can you get or park a scooter in Richmond?

E-scooters can only be parked in designated locations and cannot currently be taken beyond the borough boundary as our neighbouring boroughs are not currently participating in the trial.

Richmond Council has designated parking locations on the carriageway, as the e-scooters are for use on roads and cycle lanes rather than on pavements.

London's e-scooter trial scheme launches today (Image: BBC LDR)

North Richmond
- Tangier Road (Near Tangier Green and Clifford Avenue)
- Stanmore Road (Near Kew Road)

- Clarence Street (Opposite the Orange Tree Theatre)
- Park Lane (Near Parkshot)
- Richmond Hill (Near Star & Garter)
- Sheen Road (In front of Lichfield Terrace)
- St John's Road (Near the Church of St John the Divine)
- Whittaker Avenue (Next to reference library (Old Town Hall))

Other spots across the borough

- Church Road (Near Castelnau/Rocks Lane)
- Nassau Road (Near Church Road)
- Station Road, Barnes Station (Near station entrance)
- Glentham Road (Near Castelnau)

East Sheen
- Milton Road (Near Upper Richmond Road)
- Vernon Road (Near Sheen Lane)

London's e-scooter trial scheme launches today (Image: Twickenham Police)

- Ashburnham road (Next to the car park opposite St Richard's Church)
- Richmond Road / Ham Parade (Near Dukes Ave)
- Parkleys Parade (Near Ham Farm Road)

- Kew Green (Near Kew Gardens Elizabeth Gate and Herbarium)
- Kew Green (Near Kew Road (south side of Kew Green))
- North Road (Between High Park Road and station entrance)
- Station Approach (Near station entrance)

- North Worple Way (Near White Hart Lane)

- Broad Street (Near Queens Road)
- High Street (Opposite Cambridge Road)

- Civic Centre (Car park)
- Garfield Road (Near London Road)
- Heath Road (Opposite Copthall Gardens)
- London Road (Opposite police station)

Richmond Council said that subject to demand and performance, it is likely that the scheme will expand and further parking locations added.

Please note that initially it will not be possible to ride an e-scooter beyond the borough boundary as neighbouring boroughs are not currently participating in the trial.

Transport for London (TfL) is beginning its rental e-scooter 12-month trial today (Monday 7 June) with Richmond upon Thames as one of the trial boroughs.

There are three e-scooter operators involved in the trial (Dott, Lime and TIER) and users need to download the corresponding operators’ apps depending on the scooter found. Rental pricing depends on the operator.

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Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Chair of the Transport and Air Quality Committee, has said that he is proud that Richmond is one of the boroughs trialing e-scooters.

He said: "Our health and the climate are at risk from the huge amounts of pollution caused by vehicles in London.

"It’s vital that we explore less-polluting modes of transport and TfL’s e-scooter trial is the perfect opportunity to do this.

“The trial will allow TfL to better understand how e-scooters can be used safely in London.

"Residents can rest assured that the Council will monitor the trial closely and will take action if any issues do arise.

“Too often, outer London boroughs like our own miss out on important transport upgrades like this.

"I’m proud that Richmond upon Thames’ residents will have the opportunity to test this new technology and help policy-makers in Richmond, City Hall and Whitehall understand whether it can play a safe and useful role in our country’s transport mix.”

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