Pedestrian crossings stay green in Richmond in drive to make London the world’s most walkable city

  Posted: 28.05.21 at 16:00 by Jessica Broadbent

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A new green light system at pedestrian crossings has been installed in Richmond as part of TFL’s bid to make London the world’s most "walkable" city.

Three traffic signals now show a continuous green light for pedestrians as the default, until traffic approaches.

There will be 18 new 'Green Person Authority' crossings across London, with three in Richmond initially, in a bid to shift priority to pedestrians over cars and make it easier for people to cross the road.

Two have already been installed on Queens Road by Queens Crescent and Castelnau by Newport Road, and another is due to be placed by Red Lion Street and Church Terrace by the end of June.

London Walking and Cycling Commissioner Will Norman said: “We know that safety is a key concern for people walking around London, and giving pedestrians priority is a powerful way of putting them first and making it easier to cross London's roads.

“By combining this with creating extra pavement space and ensuring roadworks are carried out in a way that doesn't disrupt Londoners, we will make our city the world's most walkable and eradicate collisions on our streets.

"Walking has so many benefits - it doesn't just enable us to get from A to B, but also improves our mental and physical health.”

The locations for these initial crossings were chosen by a number of factors, including areas with high pedestrian flow, proximity to pedestrian destinations such as shopping centres, stations and schools, and suitability of existing technology.

TFL aims to make London’s transport network more sustainable and support a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

The number of journeys made on foot hugely increased throughout the pandemic, with TfL data from earlier this year showing that 31% of Londoners say they are walking to places where they used to travel by a different mode, and 57% say they now go on more walks for exercise or walk for longer than they did before.

'Green Person Authority' signals have now been put at seven locations in Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hounslow, Richmond, and Hillingdon, and will be installed at a further 11 locations over the coming weeks.

TFL hopes to introduce more of the signals into more boroughs in the future.

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