Weather forecast for start of 2021 as snow falls in Richmond

  Posted: 01.01.21 at 13:13 by Sam Petherick

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A brief moment of excitement was enjoyed around Richmond earlier today as snow began to fall.

It was only a small flurry, but it was spotted by numerous people.

Council leader Gareth Roberts tweeted: "Snow! Snow in TW12!" and Richard Morris reported that it was snowing on Ham Common.

So what else does the weather have in store for Richmond in the first few days of 2021?

Temperatures are forecast to remain between 1-6C for the first half of January.

But it shouldn't get much worse than that. The only time it's set to be freezing (0C) is during the night on Wednesday, January 6.

The weather conditions are expected to remain largely the same too: light clouds and gentle winds are forecast on most days.

It is not forecast to rain either but the highest chance of rainfall is on Monday, January 4 and the following Tuesday (January 12).

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