Video of deer eating rubbish in Bushy Park

  Posted: 10.08.20 at 16:21 by The Editor

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Wild deer were recorded feeding on dumped rubbish in Bushy Park in a graphic demonstration of the harmful effects of littering.

The footage was recorded by Sue Lindenberg, a regular contributor to our sister site Teddington Nub News.

Two fallow deer are seen seeking out and munching leftover food waste from plastic bags that have been stacked by bins.

Dumped litter presents a huge risk to wildlife which is attracted to picnic scraps and sadly can accidently eat plastic bags along with the food. The plastic can block their digestive system causing a lingering death from starvation.

Sue is a regular photographer in Bushy Park. She tweeted: "Heartbreaking seeing this in #BushyPark because folk too lazy/ thoughtless dumping rubbish.

"Please take your litter home. It could kill the wildlife."

Only two days ago the Royal Parks spoke out about the risks of feeding animals and dumping waste. Photo by J Walker

The video follows the Royal Parks charity asking the public to stop feeding deer in Richmond and Bushy parks.

Deer are wild animals but as a consequence of being fed they now associate plastic bags with tasty treats.

They should be eating the natural food that both parks provide in abundance, such as grass, leaves and tree shoots.

But, unfortunately, due to the public feeding them, it’s becoming commonplace for these animals to seek out food from picnics, bins and plastic bags.

Boom in litter

Dark clouds over Leg of Mutton Pond. One of Sue Lindenberg's shots

The amount of litter left across all eight Royal parks following lockdown has increased by around a third.

In Richmond Park, it increased by a shocking 644% in June compared to June 2019.

In the weekend just gone, staff cleared more than five tonnes of rubbish from Bushy Park.

In June this year 20 tonnes of litter were left in Bushy Park – 13 tonnes more than last year, and this took staff 685 hours to clear away.

This is despite the number of bins staff have left in Bushy Park following lockdown being increased by 50%, and grounds staff are now staying until 9pm to clear rubbish.

Help to keep the Royal parks beautiful and take your litter home with you if the bin is full

To help combat the litter, The Royal Parks charity is asking people to #BeKindToYourParks to inspire care of the natural environment on our doorsteps.

The campaign welcomes people to the park to enjoy their visit but asks them to be kind to others and asks visitors to respect the environment by binning litter or taking it home if the bins are already full.

Assistant park manager at Bushy, Bill Swan, said: “This is an incredibly sad scene to capture.

“A witness told us that at one point one of the deer managed to hook a carrier bag full of cans and rubbish in its antler which it found distressing.

“We’re finding more litter being left than ever before and we urge people to bin it or if the bins are already full to please take it home.

Richmond Park

“It’s all too common that we spot deer, foxes, squirrels and birds eating plastic and other rubbish left behind by visitors, causing their stomachs to block up and bloat and preventing them passing waste.

“We want people to enjoy their visit to the beautiful spaces in our parks, but we ask visitors to stop, think and protect the wildlife they are there to enjoy.”

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