Royal Parks launch campaign to #KeepWildlifeWild

  Posted: 15.06.21 at 10:12 by Jessica Broadbent

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The Royal Parks has launched a campaign to help preserve the natural habitats in places like Richmond Park.

The campaign aims to encourage people to observe animals in the parks from afar but not interefere with or distress the wildlife.

It comes after a Tory MP was charged for letting his dog chase the deer in Richmond Park and another in Bushy Park, and a cyclist hit and killed a deer in Richmond Park.

It said: "Essentially, we are asking visitors to observe nature and enjoy nature in its natural habitat from a distance, rather than seeking an up close and personal experience.

"By not feeding or touching wildlife, visitors will help protect their natural way of life, and in turn allow them to live a healthier life in harmony with nature.

"Instead of feeding wildlife, we are encouraging visitors to deepen their connection with nature by observing wildlife in its natural habitats.

Deer in Bushy Park (Image: Royal Parks)

"We have created bird spotter sheets, brimming with fascinating facts, for each of the parks, along with self-led wildlife trails."

Find out more about 'Keep Wildlife Wild' HERE.

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