Royal Parks issue reminder to go slow in Richmond Park after fallow deer fawn knocked down and killed by cyclist

  Posted: 14.06.21 at 10:22 by Jessica Broadbent

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A fallow deer fawn was hit and killed by a cyclist in Richmond Park this weekend leading the Royal Parks Police to issue a reminder to visitors to take extra care during deer birthing season.

The young deer was knocked down on Broomfield Hill which runs along the south-east edge of the park.

The cyclist contacted the Royal Parks to report the incident.

“Please can all cyclists take extra care in Richmond Park during the deer birthing season,” said the Royal Park Police in a statement.

It added: "We encourage park users to contact park staff ASAP so they can assist injured wildlife if possible."

The incident came just days after a Tory MP was fined for allowing his dog to chase a herd of deer in the park in March.

A calf just after birth - mothers are very protective of their fawns and hide them in the long grasses of the parks (Image: Sue Lindenberg)

During deer birthing season all visitors to Richmond Park are asked to be particularly vigilant by cycling and driving slowly, and keeping dogs on leads..

The Royal Parks has issued regular guidance to visitors throughout deer birthing season on keeping both visitors and deer safe during this period.

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