'Richmond has been trashed': mounds of rubbish dumped on riverside

  Posted: 31.03.21 at 14:50 by Sam Petherick

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A town photographer was horrified this morning when she stumbled upon hundreds if not thousands of items of rubbish left by visitors to Richmond Riverside.

The famous grassy bank overlooking the River Thames was covered with waste after large numbers of people flocked to it yesterday to soak up the 24C sun.

Photographer Vivi Sacerdote was in disbelief when she found the picturesque spot in such a state.

She posted a six-minute video where she pans around the area, showing the litter that had been left behind.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Look at this – unbelievable," she says.

“Oh my god guys. I mean, Richmond has been trashed."

Laughing gas canisters

Her video shows shocking numbers of bottles of alcohol and fizzy drinks, used canisters of laughing gas, supermarket plastic bags and packaging from crates of beer.

A street cleaner is seen shaking his head in the video. Vivi suggests to him that it would "show people what's going on" if the rubbish was left where it was.

“How can people behave like this? It makes me want to cry," she says.

“This is disgusting. The council puts a toilet there but there’s no police. Look at this guys.”

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Pristine - how the riverside looked earlier on Tuesday

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