UP CLOSE WITH: Wine and yoga specialist Sparkling Sophie

  Posted: 09.08.20 at 17:01 by Sam Petherick @RichmondNubNews

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Experience wine by comparing it to a mood or even a close friend, says Richmond resident Sophie Karl.

Sophie has a big following on Instagram where she posts photos combining yoga, a glass of wine and a detailed caption with her thoughts.

She loves Richmond's "gorgeous village atmosphere" and proximity to central London.

Richmond Nub News caught up with her for the latest in our series of features with residents.

Tell us about everything you do under the Sparkling Sophie brand - is it your full-time job or a hobby?

Sparkling Sophie is more than a hobby or a full-time job, it is how everyone knows me in my daily life.

Left or right hand?

Under the Sparkling Sophie brand, I own a company, Sparkling Sophie Events, which organises sophisticated wine events around the UK.

I offer wine advice and wine discount codes to anyone who dares asking me.

I write a column for a luxury magazine, called 'Featured’ where I interview people on their success story around a glass of wine.

And I have written a couple of books which I am hoping to get published soon. If any publisher or literary agent is reading this, I am currently looking for representation!

Have you managed to make people change the way they see and experience wine?

Sophie on Petersham Meadows

I believe so. The first wine tasting event I organised was in the Richmond library annex and I had so much great feedback on that night – 90% of the people present were attending a wine tasting for the first time, and all seemed to have walked out of that room having gained knowledge.

I believe my way of seeing wine and describing it helps others experience it as never before.

I love comparing wine to a feeling, a mood or even a friend.

Another way to remember something and make it stick in your mind, is not to have a list of tasting notes...but instead, create an unforgettable experience, play games, feeling it emotionally, and chat about it to others.

Too many people might feel pressure when they are asked to describe a wine, but I truly think there is no right or wrong way.

Sophie holds wine tasting events - get in touch with her to find out more

The simplest way to gain wine knowledge is to describe it in a way which makes sense to you, whether it is by describing it through a feeling, a mood or a fruit. Just go for it.

And then, taste a variety of wines, so don't stick to your favourite brand, but taste a new wine each time.

I can guarantee you that you will see and experience wine like never before after this.

What's the inspiration for your photos - can you tell us about how you uniquely combine yoga, photography and wine?

Oh wow, what inspires my pictures?

Yoga in the garden

It's a difficult one to answer as I don't really plan any of the pictures in advance and my source of inspiration changes at each breath I take.

Ok, that was slightly overdramatic but everything and anything can be a source of inspiration for me.

The nearest glass of wine and its explosion of aromas and flavours, the smell of fresh pastries at a bakery... My combination of yoga, photography and wine is about the combination of passions of mine.

I am in love with life, so there are many things I enjoy doing which shines through on my social media feeds.

Fitness and wellbeing are very important in my eyes and my way of portraying that is mainly through yoga, but I also play tennis, golf, swim, cycle and love anything to do with personal development.

A gorgeous evening with Richmond Bridge in the background

Art is also very important in my eyes, so that would probably be where my photography kicks in.

Although it is not always easy to communicate through pictures the same feelings that I am experiencing, I like to believe that my choice of photographs are always full of positivity.

What message would you like people to take from your posts?

I like to feel that people get inspired and feel positive.

I believe that if you have a dream, you must go for it and that nothing is impossible in life, so if my followers could have that feeling within them after going through my posts, my heart will smile forever.

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