Ninety three Richmond roads miss today's rubbish collections due to Covid absences

  Posted: 19.07.21 at 12:45 by Jessica Broadbent

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Rubbish lorries were unable to collect garden waste from 93 roads in Richmond borough today following to too many staff absences due to Covid.

Missed collections will be made within the next two days.

This follows a similar situation last week where staff absences led to many streets missing their collections.

The missed streets are as follows:

Alexandra Road - East Sheen
Atwood Avenue - Kew
Avenue Gardens - East Sheen
Barker Close - Kew
Beechcroft Road - East Sheen
Beechwood Avenue - Kew
Bexhill Road - East Sheen
Brick Farm Close - Kew
Burlington Avenue - Kew
Canberra Place - Richmond
Chaucer Avenue - Richmond
Chelwood Gardens - Kew
Chestnut Avenue - East Sheen
Chilton Road - Richmond
Church Avenue - East Sheen
Courtlands Avenue - Kew
Cromwell Place - Mortlake
Dancer Road - Richmond
Darell Road - Richmond
Defoe Avenue - Kew
Earl Road - East Sheen
Eastbourne Gardens - East Sheen
Elm Road - East Sheen
Garrick Road - Richmond
Glendower Gardens - East Sheen
Glendower Road - East Sheen
Grand Parade - East Sheen
Greenlink Walk - Richmond
Grosvenor Avenue - East Sheen
Grosvenor Gardens - Barnes
Hester Terrace - Richmond
High Park Avenue - Kew
High Park Road - Kew
Howgate Road - East Sheen
Kelsall Mews - Kew
Kew Meadow Path - Richmond
Kings Road - East Sheen
Langdon Place - Mortlake
Leinster Avenue - East Sheen
Lewin Road - East Sheen
Little St Leonards - East Sheen
Lodge Avenue - East Sheen
Lower Richmond Road - Mortlake
Lower Richmond Road - Richmond
Magna Square - East Sheen
Marksbury Avenue - Richmond
Melliss Avenue - Kew
Milton Road - East Sheen
Model Cottages - East Sheen
Mortlake Road - Kew
Niton Road - Richmond
North Road - Kew
Nylands Avenue - Kew
Oaklands Road - East Sheen
Palmers Road - East Sheen
Parliament Mews - Mortlake
Paynesfield Avenue - East Sheen
Pensford Avenue - Richmond
Portman Avenue - East Sheen
Princes Road - East Sheen
Queens Road - East Sheen
Rock Avenue - East Sheen
Rosemary Gardens - Mortlake
Rosemary Lane - Mortlake
Ruskin Avenue - Kew
Sheen Lane - East Sheen
Sheen Lane - Mortlake
South Worple Way - East Sheen
St Leonards Road - East Sheen
Strand Drive - Kew
Sutherland Gardens - East Sheen
Taylor Avenue - Kew
Thames Bank - Mortlake
The Green - Mortlake
The Haven - Kew
The Retreat - East Sheen
Thompson Avenue - Richmond
Thornton Road - East Sheen
Trehern Road - East Sheen
Upper Richmond Road - Barnes
Upper Richmond Road West - East Sheen
Varsity Row - Mortlake
Vernon Road - East Sheen
Wadham Mews - Mortlake
Waldeck Road - Mortlake
Waldeck Terrace - Mortlake
Watney Road - Mortlake
West Hall Road - Kew
West Park Avenue - Kew
West Park Road - Kew
Whitcome Mews - Kew
Williams Lane - Mortlake
Woodman Mews - Richmond

To report a missed garden waste collection call 020 8891 1411.

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