Dog walker due in court after young deer killed in Richmond Park

  Posted: 07.10.20 at 16:27 by Rory Poulter and Sam Petherick

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A 68-year-old dog walker has been charged after a young deer died in Richmond Park.

David Reay will appear at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on December 29.

A fallow deer was attacked by a dog in the park on Saturday, September 12 at about 9am.

Police were called but the fawn died of its injuries.

Reay, of Orme Road, Kingston, has now been charged with offences under park regulations.

A spokesperson for Royal Parks Police told Richmond Nub News that the dog has not been seized and will remain with its owner.

Royal Parks Police told owners to keep their dogs under control or on a lead

“After consultation with the Met's Status Dog Unit, the dog has remained with his owner. At no time was a person attacked or likely to be attacked,” the spokesperson said.

“The dog was not seized at the time and there will be no further action involving the dog.”


The police spokesperson also explained the exact charges which Reay will face in court: “David Reay … has been charged with the offence of without written permission from the Secretary of State, cause an animal of which you were in charge to chase, worry or injure an animal, namely a fallow deer (Fawn), in a Royal Park.

“Contrary to regulation 4(21) of the Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces Regulations 1997 and section 2 of the Parks Regulation (Amendment) Act 1926.”

Richmond Park photographed by Simon Wilkes of Unsplash

Message for dog walkers

In a tweet, Royal Parks Police said: “We would like to remind all dog owners to keep their dogs under control or on a lead. Young deer like to hide in the long grass, so you may not see them until it’s too late. #Stay50mAway.”

PC Iian Rae, who is investigating, said: “This young deer was hidden amongst the long grass when the dog came across it, just because you cannot see any deer around, it doesn’t mean they are not there.”

PS Pete Sturgess said: “If a dog attacks any deer whilst in Richmond or Bushy Park, we will look to prosecute the owners.

“If you cannot keep your dog under control, then please use a lead.”

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