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UP CLOSE WITH: Local singer-songwriter Lu.Ci opens up about new single inspired by lockdown

Posted: 21.09.21 by Rory Poulter Local Features

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician and poet, Lu.Ci, has earned over 50,000 Spotify streams with her alternative, electro sound which combines...

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Want to Help the Community? Stay in the know with the Richmond Volunteer Service

Posted: 16.09.21 by Sid Li Local Features

There’s nothing like a crisis to bring out the best in our community. Richmond borough has a long-held culture of charitable engagement and helping...

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Monty's spin on: Ronaldo's return highlights value of strong relationship between coach and player

Posted: 08.09.21 by Monty Panesar Local Features

One of Manchester United’s greatest players is back and it is clear that the role of Sir Alex Ferguson, a true father figure, was a crucial fact...

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Up Close in Richmond With: Ultramarathon runner about to complete his 100th marathon

Posted: 06.08.21 by Jessica Broadbent Local Features

For many a marathon would be the achievement of a lifetime, but for some, it is only the beginning. Tomorrow runners will take to the htt...

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Richmond Talking Newspaper pays tribute to Founder Pat Ingham who has died aged 90

Posted: 02.08.21 by Valerie Munro, RTN vice chair Local Features

Valerie Munro, vice chair of Richmond Talking Newspaper Mrs Pat Ingam, one of the founding members of the Borough’s talking newspaper, ...

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