Vets sound alarm after dog contracts Alabama rot

  Posted: 11.01.21 at 13:22 by Sam Petherick

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A veterinary surgery believes a dog walked in local areas including Richmond Park has caught the dangerous disease Alabama rot.

They shared the news as a precautionary warning to dog owners.

Roehampton Veterinary Clinic said: "Unfortunately we have recently had a case of suspected Alabama rot at the clinic. This is a serious and often fatal disease. It is however fortunately very rare.

"It is not currently known what causes Alabama rot and the best advice we can give is to avoid muddy areas and wash off any mud from your dog as soon as you get home (if not before where possible). The link between Alabama rot has not been proved and there is just a suspicion of a link so far.

"The symptoms to watch out for are initially wounds, sores or ulcers especially on the lower limbs or lower body or face. Most lesions in these areas will not be Alabama rot, but it is best to check with your vet.

"If you notice these lesions along with an increase in drinking, then it is even more imperative to seek veterinary attention.

"The dog in question had recently been walked in Chiswick Park, Sheen woods, and Richmond Park, so please take particular care in these areas.

"Do contact us if you have any concerns at all. We are here to help whenever needed.

"Please also, do not panic. This is a very rare disease and it is highly unlikely that your dog will contract it."

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