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  Posted: 23.02.21 at 11:09 by Sam Petherick

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This month saw the launch of our new weekly newsletter. It has been well received by our readers – and we'd love you to sign up if you haven't already!

Richmond Nub News began the free newsletter service earlier in February meaning each and every Friday we will be bringing hyperlocal news straight to your inbox.

This newsletter will truly be your one-stop-shop for all things Richmond.

Subscribing is easy - just enter your email into the colourful box at the bottom of this article.

What can you expect from the newsletter?

As well as a message from the team, our subscribers also get to read a newsletter-only article.

The newsletter will include:

• top stories from Richmond Nub News each week to make sure you never miss a must-read story
• upcoming events
• exclusive content
• a message from your Nub News editor
• the latest Richmond businesses signed up to our free directory

So type your email in the box below and click ‘sign up’ to make sure you never miss an important story from Nub News.

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